They regularly work with armed forces and people in the archipelago in order to firmly protect national sovereignty over sea and islands, and support fishermen to go fishing.

Promoting political stance

In the early days of May 2023, reporters had an opportunity to join the eighth delegation with over 280 officers and soldiers from many units throughout the country to visit troops and people on the Truong Sa archipelago and DK1 platforms. The delegation traveled more than 1,000 nautical miles and encountered the sea in different conditions. Therefore, they were well aware of difficulties facing troops and people living there, including troops of Truong Sa Border Post who always stand side by side with locals to firmly safeguard the national sovereignty over sea and islands.

Border troops inquiring after fishermen

According to Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Hong Lam, Political Commissar of the post, working far from the mainland and the directions of higher levels, the troops have to ensure firm political stance, closely coordinate with each other to fulfill all assigned missions. The unit’s leaders strictly grasp situations, encourage and share difficulties with the troops, especially those having families on the mainland.

Due to the long distance from the mainland, there are numerous difficulties and challenges facing the border troops. The unit leaders encourage them to keep the habit of book and newspaper reading and play sports in their free time.

Senior Captain Dang Tran Cuong, Head of the Staff - Administration Team of the Truong Sa Border Post noted that they keep the book reading habit to learn more about the national history and sovereignty over sea and islands, serving their main task performance. During holidays, the troops often join cultural and sport exchange, contributing to deepening military-civilian ties.

Successfully accomplishing assigned missions

Border troops read books and newspapers in their free time.

According to Major Nguyen Duc Chinh, Commanding Officers of Truong Sa Border Post, over the past time, solidarity and political stance among troops have been promoted and they have actively grasped situations at sea so as to be ready in any circumstances. The unit has worked with functional forces to address all cases of foreign ships violating Vietnam's national sovereignty over sea and islands. The unit has also disseminated laws to fishermen operating in Truong Sa waters and helped them move to safe places in harsh weather conditions.

In 2022, the post implemented hundreds of patrol sessions at sea, supported 551 vehicles with 3,385 fishermen to avoid storms, carried out procedures for vehicles to enter and exit the dry lock, and mobilized locals to follow the State’s policies and laws.

Border troops disseminating laws to fishermen

Captain of trawler BTh 98997TS Vo Thanh Trong, from Phu Quy district, Binh Thuan province, held that he often goes fishing in Truong Sa waters and always receives wholehearted support from the border troops and forces on the islands. “Via dissemination programs of the border troops, fishermen are well aware of laws during operation at sea,” he added.

Source: Baobienphong

Translated by Minh Anh