Troops maneuver to a designated place

Senior Colonel Thai Van Minh, Commander of Army Corps 3 and Senior Colonel Bui Huy Biet, Political Commissar of the Corps directed the exercise.

During the four-day exercise, participating units conducted three stages, including shifting from a normal combat readiness position to a high combat readiness position and combat operation, preparing for combat and starting combat.

Despite rains and strong winds, the participating troops promoted their dynamism, creativeness to well perform their missions, strictly following the operational regulations, theories, military tactics, applying theories in real situations and terrains, combat plans, completing all set contents of the exercise, while ensuring safety for personnel, weapons, equipment and vehicles.

According to the Corps’ Commander Senior Colonel Thai Van Minh, the exercise aimed to train the chains-of-command, evaluate their abilities of leadership and coordination among related agencies, units, the corps’ affiliates and detachments. It also targeted to improve the capabilities and application of theoretical principles in real combat situations of the chains-of-command.

Translated by Mai Huong