* Division 302 under Military Region 7 held an exercise from Nov. 16 to 20 for its commanding officers along with a live-fire defensive drill in association with local armed forces from Binh Thuan province.

A scene at the live-fire drill of the Division 302 
During the drill, all affiliated units successfully practiced dealing with several assumed scenarios thanks to their good preparation..

In the live-fire event, participants closely coordinated with each other in performing assigned missions while ensuring absolute safety.

* Regiment 141 (Division 312, Army Corps 1) has completed a command exercise. As the unit had prepared well for the event, it ran smoothly with good outcomes while ensuring safety for all participating personnel and equipment.

The two exercises aimed to evaluate troops’ training quality and combat readiness, especially officers' leadership in combat.

More importantly, the two untis also organized post-action reviews discussing strengths and weaknesses so as to improve the quality of their task performance and training in the coming time.

Translated by Minh Anh