The Vietnamese delegation toured Yucai School and the Vietnam School Memorial Hall, both part of Guangxi Normal University. Previously dedicated to educating the children of Vietnamese officials, this location houses valuable artifacts and documents that vividly illustrate the long-standing friendship between Vietnam and China.

Vietnamese delegates in a joint photo with representatives of the People's Liberation Army of China, officials of the Guangxi Normal University, and Vietnamese students in the university

Following the tour, the young officers of the Vietnam People's Army and representatives of the Guangxi Normal University organized a seminar titled “Inheriting friendship, advancing together.”

In an atmosphere of openness and sincerity, representatives from both sides expressed their desire to contribute their efforts and knowledge to the development of their respective countries and to fostering Vietnam-China relations. They also emphasized the importance of exploring and renewing exchange and cooperation activities, ensuring the exchange between the two sides become increasingly rich in forms, diverse in contents, and flexible in implementation.

Reported by Dang Loan (from Guangxi, China)

Translated by Trung Thanh