In a recent interview granted to reporters of the People’s Army Newspaper, Senior Colonel Phan Hai Long said that this year, the Vietnamese contingent will compete with its strong and experienced rivals from Russia, China, and Belarus in Group 1. This is an honor but also a challenge for the Vietnamese competitors. However, all of them are fully aware of their heavy, but noble task and determined to bring glory to the nation, contributing to enriching the tradition of the heroic Vietnam People’s Army.

Senior Colonel Phan Hai Long

At the Army Games 2020, the Vietnamese Tank Contingent left a strong impression on organizers, other participating teams and spectators as they excellently bagged the gold medal in Group 2 of the “Tank Biathlon” contest.

According to Colonel Long, this year many new stricter requirements are added in the games’ regulations, requiring participating teams to practice hard to raise their shooting accuracy. Particularly, during competition, teams will be given more extra penalty laps than the previous year’s games if they miss a target. New regulations also require the close coordination among members and between tank crews to achieve best results at the competition. Therefore, during training for the upcoming event, the Vietnamese Tank Contingent has focused on not only raising troops’ shooting capability, but also enhancing cooperation among them. 

Senior Colonel Phan Hai Long added that despite the shortage of weapons and equipment that are similar to those used in the competition in Russia, the Vietnamese Tank Contingent has flexibly and effectively employed and mastered available weapons and equipment to raise troops’ capabilities. Experiences gained from previous editions of the games have also helped tank crews in their preparation.

Colonel Long affirmed that the Vietnamese Tank Contingent has completed training. All members are now in good health conditions and are ready for the upcoming competition. 

Translated by Tran Hoai