The Vietnamese tank team first joined the Army Games in 2018 and ranked 17th out of 23 participating teams. In 2019, when competing in Group 2 against teams from Cuba, Angola, Sudan, Kuwait, Zimbabwe, Myanmar, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Laos, and Uganda, the Vietnamese tank team excellently won the silver medal. Last year, the team spectacularly bagged the gold medal in Group 2 against tank teams from Tajikistan, Myanmar, Laos, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Qatar, and Congo.

Troops training hard for the upcoming event

With their bravery, skills, weapon mastery, and good equipment, the 2020 Vietnam Tank Team made a significant breakthrough in the international arena by winning a gold in the final round of the competition "Tanks Biathlon" and advanced Vietnam to Group 1 in the 2021 Army Games, where they will compete with strong armored tank teams such as hosts Russia, China, Belarus, and others.

To make good preparations for the 2021 Army Games, under the direction of the Ministry of National Defense, and direct instructions of the General Staff, on February 28, 2021, a team of 42 tank officers was founded for training. During the training, the Training Board has selected the most skilled officers for the Vietnam Tank Team to participate in the 2021 Army Games.

This year, the Vietnamese team will use a Tank T72-B3 provided by the organizing panel in the competition. By now, the Vietnamese People’s Army has not been equipped with this type of vehicle, so the tank team had to train with the older tank types of T54 and PT-76, which have completely different steering and firing control systems from the current T72-B3 model.

Troops training in harsh weather condition

Nevertheless, with high determination and efforts, they are confident to master the new vehicle.

As scheduled, the Vietnamese Tank team will leave Vietnam for Russia on July 16 to compete in the 2021 Army Games.

Translated by Khanh Ngan