Particularly, the hospital’s personnel successfully performed a simulated emergency situation, stressed Yasmin Zulfiqar Bhatti, Head of Force Medical Officer (FMO) and head of the assessment mission.

According to the simulated situation, the hospital received and treated troops injured in a fight outside the hospital. Thanks to good preparations, the hospital’s personnel worked together to deal with the simulated situation.

After checking the Vietnamese field hospital’s procedures for patient reception, examination and treatment and reading patients’ letters of assessment of Vietnamese medical workers, the mission complimented the hospital’s professional working style and its personnel’s professional competence.

Head of the mission Ms. Bhatti also reminded the hospital’s personnel to strictly observe the COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control regulations to avoid virus infection.

At the meeting with the hospital’s representatives, the UNMISS’s mission was also briefed on the hospital’s task performance over the past time. 

Particularly, since it was deployed to South Sudan two months ago, the hospital has successfully conducted two acute appendicitis operations.

Recently, a surgical team of the Level-2 Field Hospital Rotation 3 used an anesthetic technique of transversus abdominis plane (TAP) block to successfully conduct an acute appendicitis surgery.

Expressing her admiration for Vietnamese medical workers, Ms. Bhatti voiced her strong belief that with professional competence, personnel of the Level-2 Field Hospital Rotation 3 of Vietnam will successfully fulfil their assigned missions, contributing to ensuring good health for peacekeepers in the country.

She also pledged to create favorable conditions and provide support for the hospital to develop it as a reliable medical establishment in the locality.

The UNMISS’s mission and Vietnamese personnel posing for a joint photo
Ms. Bhatti and Vietnamese female staff members in a photo
Vietnamese medical workers performing their response to a simulated emergency
A simulated patient consulting a medical staff member at consulting room
Head of the mission Ms Bhatti pleased with the hospital’s hand hygiene area
The mission being briefed on the functions of modern medical equipment at the hospital

Translated by Tran Hoai