Australia’s DefenceConnect has reported that peacekeeping forces of both sides have collaborated in the UNMISS, with Australia airlifting Vietnamese defence members and equipment late in March.

(Photo for illustration)

The airlift took place onboard a Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) C-17A Globemaster, which also transported new members and equipment to replace the Vietnamese UNMISS Level Two Field Hospital, making it the third airlift support to Vietnam.

“Vietnam is an important partner for Australia in the Indo-Pacific, and I am proud the Australian Defence Force (ADF) has supported their deployment to the UNMISS,” the website quoted Australian Chief of Joint Operations Command, Lieutenant General Greg Bilton as saying about the growing relationship between Australia and Vietnam.

He said the peacekeeping partnership between the two countries is a key element of their defence relationship, which highlights their shared vision of a peaceful, inclusive and resilient region actively supporting global security.

The airlift has moved some 120 passengers and 55,000 kilograms of freight over two months.

Source: VNA