L2FH Rotation 3’s youth union members instructing students of Nyuel Juol Primary School on how to plant trees at their campus

With self-prepared materials such as hoes, shovels, fences, and fertilizers, they grew sunflowers, 20 guava and Indian almond trees on the school’s yard.

Apart from planting fruit and shade trees, the L2FH Rotation 3’s youths also cleaned the campus, decorated classrooms and the school gate. They also beautified the tree-planting area with colorful pinwheels made from plastic waste, giving delight to the school students. The Vietnamese peacekeepers hoped that the handmade toys would help raise the students’ awareness of environmental protection.

Students interested in the activity launched by the Vietnamese blue-berets

This civilian-military coordination (CIMIC) activity is meaningful for local people who do not have the habit of planting trees, except for a few food crops. It was a good chance for the L2FH Rotation 3’s youth union members to show their responsibility and creativeness for society as well. During the activity, Vietnamese youths strictly observed COVID-19 prevention and control regulations.

Vietnamese peacekeepers make colorful pinwheels from plastic waste.

Such an activity aims to raise locals’ awareness of building a green, clean, and beautiful environment, and joining hands in environmental protection, as well as minimizing the impacts of climate change, and to popularize the images of the peace-loving country of Vietnam, its culture, people and troops.

Translated by Mai Huong