This was the first difficult task undertaken by the Level-two Field Hospital Rotation 3 of Vietnam after undertaking its mission last month.

Earlier, a 39-year old patient from Ghana’s UN peacekeeping force was taken to the Level-two Field Hospital Rotation 3 of Vietnam after being hospitalized at a Ghana-run Field Hospital Level 1. The man had a severe headache, vomiting, and dizziness. He even could hardly walk.

After receiving the patent, Vietnamese doctors immediately did essential tests and screenings to detect problems and diagnosed that he might have a stroke. Later his health condition was getting worse, and the Vietnamese military medical workers had to fly him to a higher-level hospital for proper treatment.

Having been approved by the medical agency of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan, the AMET conducted an aero-medical evacuation flight to take the patient to the level-2 plus hospital in Juba.

The hospital informed that computed tomography scan’s results showed that the patient suffered a stroke. These results were consistent with the diagnose that the Vietnamese doctors had made.

According to Lieutenant Colonel Trinh My Hoa, the Level-two Field Hospital Rotation 3’s Head, the aero-medical evacuation was successful thanks to the good coordination among medical workers of the hospital as well as AMET’s thorough preparation and quick response. It also demonstrated professional competence of personnel of the Level-two Field Hospital Rotation 3 of Vietnam.

Below are several photos reflecting Vietnamese peacekeepers’ response to the emergency circumstance

A doctor of the third level-two Field Hospital of Vietnam carrying out clinical examination for the patient after he was taken to the hospital
The hospital’s doctors pondering on transferring the patient to a higher level hospital
Medical workers moving the patient to Helipad for an aero-medical evacuation flight
The patient’s health carefully monitored by Vietnamese doctors
AMET working closely with the crew during the flight
AMET’s members, Dinh Van Hong (center), Nguyen Manh Hiep (left), and Ha Minh Tuan

Translated by Tran Hoai