During the complicated developments of the COVID-19 pandemic, the two sides’ border protection forces exchanged information via a hotline and sent letters to each other instead of meeting in-person.

At the talk

Both sides strictly observed three legal documents on the border and bilateral cooperation agreements, maintained political security, social order and safety on the basis of solidarity, respect, trust, mutual understanding and support, and boosted cooperation in COVID-19 prevention and control to prevent the disease from spreading through the border.

Meanwhile, the border protection forces closely worked together to conduct information dissemination and education activities for local people in border areas, contributing to raising their awareness, stepping up socio-economic development, and building a common border of peace, friendship, cooperation, and development.

Also, they regularly carried out joint patrols over law observance and joined hands in crime combat, prevention of law violations on borders, and the COVID-19 pandemic fight.

In the coming time, the Lao Cai border guard force and the Honghe Border Management Section will continue maintaining law enforcement cooperation mechanisms to improve the efficiency of law enforcement in border areas and prevent violations of the law on borders.

Source: baobienphong

Translated by Quynh Oanh