The Vietnamese side was the Border Post of Thanh Thuy International Border Gate under the Ha Giang provincial Border Guard Command, while the Chinese side included the Tianbao Border Immigration Checkpoint under the Yunnan provincial Immigration General Checkpoint and the Tianbao Border Police Station under the Public Security Force of Malypho district, Wenshan Zhou, Yunnan province.

The two sides review task performance in border areas.

The two sides checked a border section from border marker 260 +500 to border marker 261/2, exchanged each country’s COVID-19 situations, and discussed measures to improve the efficiency of law enforcement in border areas and prevent violations of the law on border.

They also agreed to support each other to ensure local order and security during important events of the two countries, especially during the time China celebrates the National Day.

In addition, they will boost information sharing, border patrol and management and work together to fight COVID-19. They will also enhance information dissemination to raise awareness of people living along both sides of the borderline of strictly abiding by the law on the border.

Vietnamese and Chinese border protection forces exchange situations in border areas.

The same day, the Lung Cu Border Post of the Border Guard Command of Vietnamese province of Ha Giang and Malin sub-station of the Tianbao Border Immigration Checkpoint patrolled and checked border law enforcement.

During patrolling from border markers 411 to 412, the joint forces checked the border section’s situation, disseminated law to local border people, and handled violations of the Agreement on Vietnam-China Land Border Management Regulations.

Moreover, the two sides exchanged border-related situations and COVID-19 prevention and control activities in the past. They reached an agreement on maintaining close coordination, strengthening border management and cross-border crime prevention and control, preventing illegal entry and exit, and boosting cooperation in COVID-19 prevention and control to prevent the disease from spreading through border.

Source: bienphong

Translated by Mai Huong