To meet the requirements of the host country on COVID-19 prevention and control, all participating teams had to test for SARS-CoV-2 and complete a three-day quarantine period at their hotel.

The delegation departed at 9:15am (local time) and was led by the Russian Military Police. Each team was seated in a separate vehicle with sufficient seats to ensure the distance between the team members. Due to the complicated development of the COVID-19 pandemic, the coaching staff prepared food and beverages for all of the team members during the 350-km trip from Moscow to Kostroma.

Talking to Russian officer about the delegation's maneuver plan

Earlier, on behalf of the Vietnamese Chemical Contingent, Senior Colonel Le Tuan Minh assigned tasks for all of the team members as soon as they arrived in Kostroma. He also emphasized the importance of ensuring safety for the Vietnamese troops, such as wearing medical masks and gloves, washing their hands when touching surfaces or objects, and absolutely not touching their faces with their hands.

Lieutenant Vu Van Hung said that this is the second time he has competed in the “Safe environment” event, so he has some experience to draw upon from the previous competition.

"However, field components, accommodations and competition contents are completely different from last year's event in China. In this year's competition, we will compete with other strong opponents from Belarus and Uzbekistan. Therefore, we are determined to proactively learn more about the competition content and eat enough food so we can maintain good health. All members will try our best to fulfill the training program in the Pesochnoe training grounds," he noted.

Participating in the upcoming competition with excitement, all members of the Vietnamese chemical team have always showed their high determination to overcome all difficulties and hardships to gain the highest results in the event.

Reported by Pham Kien from Russia

Translated by Lam Anh