Reportedly, the L2FH Rotation 4 received suspected case of stroke/hypertension. After quickly conducting consultations, the hospital’s doctors and medical staff decided to implement the MEDEVAC (medical evacuation transportation) to save the patient asap.

Doctors implementing diagnostic ultrasound for a suspected stroke case

According to the hospital’s director Lieutenant Vu Minh Duong, rapid diagnosis, timely and accurate detection in that case are very necessary to save patients’ lives.

Despite the shortage of equipment, the medical staff of the hospital still managed to carry out the process correctly and quickly. Although the hospital did not have a CT Scan, with clinical experience, doctors still made an accurate diagnosis.

Medical staff encouraging patient

The medical airlift evacuation team (AMET) of the hospital closely worked with functional units of the mission to transport the patient under the close watch of doctors with absolute safety. The mission’s medical office highly appreciated the quick and accurate response of the Vietnamese hospital in this situation.

After that, the hospital also received and treated a patient with stomachache and bronchial asthma. The doctors and medical staff conducted all kinds of testing and ultrasound and the patient was diagnosed with severe acute pancreatitis.

The hospital then worked out to decide appropriate treatment and saved the patient.

The patient, medical staff and leader of the unit in a joint photo

Being moved with the wholehearted support of the medical staff, the patent wrote a letter to send his sincere thanks to them.

According to Lieutenant Doctor Vu Minh Duong, this was the success of the hospital in the mission, contributing to affirming the ability and competence of the medical staff while ensuring healthcare service in the region. Additionally, the success made the U.N. staff trust in Vietnamese medical servicepersons.

Brigadier General Mike Cooper Mujuni, Commander of Unity Military Region, spoke highly of the competence and high responsibility of the Vietnamese doctors and medical staff.

As the lunar New Year 2023 is just around the corner, the success contributed to encouraging the L2FH Rotation 4 to well accomplish all assigned missions in Bentiu, South Sudan.

Translated by Minh Anh