Although the advance mission of the 1st Engineering Company has been shortly deployed to the area, it has started to undertake a number of specialized tasks assigned by the mission.

Members of the Engineering Company Rotation 1 helping local people collecting garbage to protect the environment

In spite of facing personnel and equipment shortage, the Vietnamese engineers have tried their best to both perform their assigned duties and help the indigenous people. The environment protection event was the first social activity of the Vietnamese Engineering Company Rotation 1 since its deployment to the area.

Vietnamese officers and their Pakistani peers gathering garbage

Under the direction of Deputy Head of the Engineering Company Rotation 1 Major Nguyen Van Tu, 15 members of the advance mission cleaned up the environment in the Southwest of Abyei market. After two hours, more than 2 cu.m. of plastic garbage were collected, contributing to building a cleaner environment for local people.

More significantly, the participation of local people in this environment clean-up event contributed to building a close and friendly relationship between peacekeepers and local people. 

The participation of people in Abyei in the environmental protection activity helps strengthening solidarity between peacekeepers and local people.

The environment clean-up activity helped the Vietnamese engineering troops and their foreign colleagues not only build a fresh environment for, but also gain sympathy from locals.  

Translated by Tran Hoai