Senior Colonel Cao Xuan Thang, Director of the Vietnamese agency, chaired the working session.


Director of the Vietnamese MND’s Social Insurance Agency Senior Colonel Cao Xuan Thang speaks at the working session.

The Lao delegation comprised officials from the Department of Political Education and Information, the Department of Social Insurance, and the Department of Basic Building under Laos’ General Department of Political Affairs (GDP).

During the working session, the two sides briefed each other on the positions, functions and tasks of the MND’s Social Insurance Agency and the GDP’s Department of Social Insurance, the working relations between the two units, and information related to the application of information technology in the management and implementation of policies on social and health insurance.

Based on the cooperation plan in 2023 between the two countries’ MNDs and GDPs, both sides agreed to promote coordination in several key contents.


Colonel Vilaxay Somsak and the Lao delegation at the meeting

In detail, the Vietnamese agency and the Lao department should thoroughly grasp the two parties and states’ policies and guidelines and the two militaries’ reality to actively give recommendations to higher levels to strengthen cooperation in social security in the new situation.

Meanwhile, the two units should advise the Party, State, and defense leaders of the two countries to enhance leadership and direction to actualize guidelines and policies on social security in general and military social and health insurance in particular.

An overview of the working session

Still, recommendations should be given to leaders of the two GDPs to further enhance coordination activities, as well as promote exchange information and share experience in military social insurance.

The two units underlined that the working session contributed to affirming the cooperation efficiency between the Vietnamese and Lao GDPs, consolidating trust and mutual understanding in all aspects.

Translated by Quynh Oanh