The Lao general informed the host of the outcomes of his meetings with the Department of Military Security Protection under the VPA’s GDP and the Department of Criminal Investigation under the Vietnamese Ministry of National Defense. According to him, the two sides shared experience in fighting against activities threatening political security of each country and agreed to promote the special friendship between the two countries and militaries.

Lieutenant General Tran Quang Phuong (R) receiving Major General Bunlieng Sengphachan

General Phuong emphasized the importance of internal political protection as well as examination and supervision of thoughts and political virtues in the military, especially in the context that hostile forces are increasing acts of sabotage against each country’s revolutionary cause and the two countries’ special unity.

The Vietnamese general also suggested the Lao department boost exchange of delegations and information with the two above-mentioned departments of Vietnam in order to give good advice to the leaderships of the two Ministries of National Defense and GPDs on approaches to effectively prevent hostile forces’ plots, schemes and sabotage activities and to work out measures to minimize law violation cases and crimes, contributing to well maintaining military discipline and promoting the combat strength of each country’s military.

General Phuong affirmed that the leadership of the VPA’s GDP always supports and creates favorable conditions for relevant agencies of the two countries to enhance their cooperation and fulfil all assigned missions. He hoped that the relationship between the two countries and militaries will further develop.

Translated by Mai Huong