The Vietnamese side sent Ships CSB 8003 and CSB 8004 and a delegation of the Coast Guard Region 1 Command, which is headed by its Deputy Commander Senior Colonel Luong Cao Khai, to the event.

Senior Colonel Luong Cao Khai delivers etiquette greetings to the Chinese coast guards via a telephone line.

The Chinese side sent Ships 4304 and 4302 and a delegation of the Marine Law Enforcement Department of the Fourth Bureau of the China Coast Guard, led by its Head Hoang Min.

In his greeting message to the Chinese side, Senior Colonel Luong Cao Khai congratulated the success of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), affirming that the Vietnam-China traditional friendship is a precious asset of the two parties, states and peoples. Vietnam always attaches importance to accelerating the comprehensive strategic partnership and cooperation ties with China. It  is a top priority in the Vietnam’s foreign policy of independence, self-reliance, diversification and multilateralization of external relations, and proactiveness of international integration, he added.

The Vietnamese head delegate emphasized the constantly consolidated and developed cooperation relationship between the Vietnam Coast Guard and the China Coast Guard, affirming that the joint patrol activity demonstrates the close cooperation of the two countries' maritime law enforcement forces in the Gulf of Tonkin, becoming a bright spot in the maritime law enforcement cooperation in the region, contributing to cultivating the bilateral traditional friendship and jointly building the Gulf of Tonkin waters into a sea of peace, stability, and respect for law.

One of the two China coast guard ships takes part in the patrol.

For his part, Mr. Hoang Min expressed his delight at observing the annual organization of the joint patrol between the two coast guard forces. Particularly, since 2020, the two sides have held five joint patrols in the waters adjacent to the Gulf of Tonkin delimitation line. He highlighted the good neighborliness and partnership between the two countries and expressed his belief that the two sides will complete the second joint patrol successfully.

After the etiquette greetings, the two sides conducted the stages of the joint patrol. They moved ships in straight lines parallel to each other along the delimitation line.

Apart from exchanging information via telephone line, the two sides gave information dissemination to fishermen about fishing regulations in the waters adjacent to the Gulf of Tonkin delimitation line.

Translated by Trung Thanh