Major Phoxay Sounthakith, Department of Border Guard, General Staff of the Lao People’s Army: We are well aware of the long standing friendship, special solidarity, and mutual support between Vietnam and Laos. Therefore, I am, together with the Lao young border guard officers, honored to visit Vietnam and take part in exchange activities with the Vietnamese young border guard officers. We would like to send  sincere thanks to the Vietnam Border Guard Command for their warm reception.

Major Phoxay Sounthakith

Via this year’s exchange, I had a chance to get to know more about the Vietnam-Laos special solidarity and friendship via practical activities. I was excited to join volleyball games with Thua Thien Hue provincial border guards. I was also impressed by Deputy Political Chief of the Vietnam Border Guard Command Senior Colonel Nguyen Thanh Hai’s speech.

Hostile forces always try to sabotage the solidarity between the two countries, so each of young officers should raise awareness of the plot and work together to fight against the wrongful allegations while promoting responsibility to preserve and cultivate the solidarity and relationship between Vietnam and Laos.

Lieutenant Colonel Somnhot Duangdi, Houaphanh provincial Military Command, Laos

Quarterly, border guard companies of the Military Command of Houaphanh province and the border posts of the Nghe An, Thanh Hoa and Son La provincial Border Guard Commands organize meetings to exchange situations related to border management and protection; conduct bilateral patrols; and share experience in crime prevention and control.

Colonel Somnhot Duangdi

The Vietnamese border guard forces always support us. They also open refresher courses to raise border management and protection, contributing to helping us meet all task requirements.

During our participation in the Vietnam-Laos young border guards exchange, I not only learnt experience but also received sincere emotions from the Vietnamese side. I do hope that there will be similar programs held in the coming time so that we would have more opportunities to exchange and promote solidarity.

Captain Vo Huy Thang, Quang Binh provincial Border Guard Command

Born and raised in Quang Binh province which has the shared borderline with Laos, as a border guard officer, I am well aware of the special relationship between Vietnam and Laos.

Captain Vo Huy Thang

To further cultivate the relations, young border guard officers of both sides should continue to implement the Memorandum of Understanding in union work and youth movement between the two sides. In addition, they should also organize exchange activities to share experience, promote dissemination work so as to bring the special solidarity to a new height.

Besides, the young border guard forces should modernize their thought and vision, apply technological achievements to cooperation work, while promoting exchange between people along the shared borderline for each side’s socio-economic development.

The special solidarity between the two countries is an invaluable treasure of the two peoples so that all generations should join hands in preserving and upholding.

First Lieutenant Dang Huu Tu, Son La provincial Border Guard Command

Over the past years, the Son La border force has attached much importance to the cooperation with the Lao side in the fight against crimes.

Lieutenant Dang Huu Tu

Accordingly, the unit has closely worked with the Lao border protection forces to manage and protect the border areas as well as address issues related to the borderline, among others.

With great efforts, since 2015, the border guard force, in coordination with Lao functional counterparts have addressed 18 cases. 

Source: Baobienphong

Translated by Minh Anh