Border Guard Company 213 is stationed in Sop San village, Xiengkhor district, Houaphanh province, Laos. The unit is responsible for managing a borderline that stretches more than 60km, adjacent to Yen Chau and Mai Son districts of Son La province in Vietnam. Border Guard Company 213 is twinned with Border Guard posts Phieng Pan, Chieng On, and Chieng Tuong of the Son La Provincial Border Guard Command.

Senior Lieutenant General Hoang Xuan Chien visits Border Guard Company 213 of the Lao People’s Army.

After being briefed on the unit’s task performance, Senior Lieutenant General Hoang Xuan Chien highly appreciated the company’s achievements over the past period, despite the difficult working conditions in terms of geography and infrastructure, as well as their task requirements.

He emphasized that currently, hostile forces are intensifying their resistance against the relationship between the two countries and the two peoples of Laos and Vietnam, while transnational crimes and non-traditional security challenges are becoming increasingly complex and unpredictable.

Therefore, he urged the two sides’ border guard forces to increase vigilance, organize patrols, and strictly control the border. He also called for prompt sharing of information about each party’s situation, coordination to promote education, information dissemination, and mobilization of border people to strictly abide by the law provisions of each side, comply with agreements and regulations on border management, and border gates on the Vietnam-Laos mainland.

Additionally, the Vietnamese defense official required the two border guard forces to coordinate and effectively fight against cross-border crimes. He called for the continuation of enhanced patrols to protect borders and national landmarks, contributing to ensuring political security, social order, and safety in border areas.

On the occasion, Deputy Minister Hoang Xuan Chien presented many practical gifts on behalf of the Vietnamese Ministry of National Defense to troops of Border Guard Company 213, such as mattress, printers, computers, televisions, and speakers. These gifts is expected to contribute to helping the unit overcome difficulties and deprivations in daily life.

Translated by Trung Thanh