In 2019, the three Border Guard Commands have cooperated with the Sekong provincial Military Command to implement activities on border management and protection in accordance with the agreements and regulations of the Vietnam-Laos border and border gate management.

Thanks to practical activities, the security situation along the borderline of the three Vietnamese provinces adjacent to Sekong has been stable, while the political system at grassroots levels has been built, thus meeting the task requirements in the current context.

At the meeting

The units of the two countries have regularly exchanged and coordinated in border management and protection work, organized 40 joint patrols with the participation of 672 troops, and promptly detected and prevented various cases in violation of border security.

They have also organized six campaigns to promote information dissemination on free migration and unlicensed marriages in the border areas, thereby raising the public's awareness of national borders and sovereignty.

In addition, the units have extended Tet greetings, presented gifts and scholarships to Lao students, and provided rice and food aid for people in border areas. These meaningful activities have contributed to tightening military-civilian ties and building a shared border of prosperity and stability.

Regarding the tasks in the coming time, the units of the two countries agreed to continue maintaining the effective coordination, focusing on delegation exchanges, as well as sharing information about situations related to the shared border.

At the event, both sides also reached a consensus on implementing the project “Boosting defense cooperation between Vietnam and Laos until 2020 and subsequent years”.

Translated by Song Anh