In the second patrol of this year, Vietnamese ships 8004 and 8003 under the Coast Guard Region 1 Command, led by Senior Captain Tran Van Tho, Deputy Commander and Chief of Staff of Coast Guard Region 1, and Chinese ships 4302 and 4304, headed by Liu Tianrong, Deputy Chief of the Nanhai Division of the Chinese Coast Guard, joined the patrol.

According to the two head delegates’ evaluation, the patrol ended as planned, meeting all set requirements. They affirmed that the positive results of the event have contributed to raising the effectiveness of the implementation of the reached agreement on joint patrol and preserving and sustainably exploiting marine nature and species in the shared fishing grounds. It also helped augment the fishermen’s awareness of exercising law and promoting the implementation of other agreements, contributing to building waters of peace, friendship, cooperation, and development.

In the 18th joint fishery patrol, the Vietnamese and Chinese coast guard forces patrolled 11 locations in the shared fishing grounds in the Gulf of Tokin. The two sides also had talks on plans for the joint patrol and a saluting-ceremony, checked the boats of Vietnamese and Chinese fishermen in the shared fishing grounds, popularized fishing regulations for fishermen of the two countries, conducted search and rescue exercises at sea, and reviewed the outcomes of the patrol.

Apart from completing all the contents of the patrol, the Vietnamese mission took the occasion to carry out the “Coast Guard stand by fishermen” program. Coast guard troops presented national flags, life jackets, food, delivered leaflets about maritime law to fishermen, and encouraged them to continue fishing in the open sea.

Vietnamese and Chinese ships joining the patrol
Vietnamese officials presenting national flags to fishermen
The Vietnamese coast guard inspecting a trawler of Vietnamese fishermen
The two sides conducted a search and rescue exercise at sea.

…and held talks to review the patrols

Translated by Tran Hoai