Since the beginning of this year, the border representatives of Border Section No.5 of the two countries have closely coordinated together to implement three legal documents concerning the Vietnam-China land border and other agreements reached by the Vietnam-China Land Border Joint Committee.

At the event

The two sides have informed each other of the developments along the shared borderline in a timely manner and educated people living on both sides of the shared borderline to strictly observe border-related policies and laws. They have also teamed up with each other in inspecting entrance and exit activities at border gates, effectively combating crimes and maintaining stability in border areas. They have successfully organized joint patrols, meetings, and exchanges.

Through dozens of meetings and communications, the two sides have updated each other on the coordination work between their border management and protection forces, thereby contributing to effective land border management along Border Section No.5 and timely settlement of issues arising in border areas.

To boost their cooperation in the future, the two sides signed a memorandum of understanding on operation regulations. Accordingly, they will continue to promote border management and protection and strictly carry out joint patrols.

They will also join hands in preventing illegal cross-border activities, fighting crimes in border areas, giving recommendations on upgrading the Tra Linh - Longbang Border Gate into an international one, and putting Na Doong - Naxi road near the border gate into operation.

They will implement people-to-people diplomacy, promote village twinning programs along the shared borderline, and carry out socio-economic development plans on both sides of the shared borderline, thus enhancing their solidarity and friendship, and building a borderline of peace, cooperation, and development.

Translated by Mai Huong