At this time, the event was hosted by the Chinese side. The two forces jointly patrolled 7km in a complex mountainous terrain along the shared borderline from Border Marker 165(1) to Border Marker 163.

Both border guard forces provided local residents along the borderline section with related legal documents and reviewed their crime prevention and combat plans.

At Border Marker 165(1)

After the joint patrol, they reached a consensus on the next joint patrol, which is planned to be held by the Pha Long Border Post.

Besides, they agreed to promote the fight against cross-border smuggling and illegal immigration, improve effectiveness of the liaison officer mechanism and the hotline, and promptly inform each other of border management work to deal with any issues in a timely manner.

The success of the joint patrol has contributed to strengthening the bilateral joint border patrol mechanism and to building the shared borderline of peace, friendship, and development.

Translated by Van Hieu