At the meeting in Hanoi

The Vietnamese side was headed by Major General Tran Van Ba, Deputy Director of the Department of Military Training under the General Staff of the Vietnam People’s Army. Meanwhile, the Russian side was chaired by Rear Admiral Subbotin Andrey Nikolaevich, Deputy Chief of General Department 12, who is in charge of search and rescue contests, and Senior Colonel Radchenko Andrey Vladimirovich, Deputy Director of Department of Training of the Russian Federation, who is in charge of the sniper game.

During the discussion, General Ba said that Vietnam will host two events in the 2021 Army Games, including search and rescue and shooting for Asia-Pacific countries. The country agreed with the basic contents of the two events from Russia.

He also asked the Russian Ministry to send experts to Vietnam to provide technical instructions on building drill grounds, send invitations to participating countries, and closely work with Vietnam to make preparations for the competition.

At the online meeting

In agreement with the Vietnamese side, the Russian side affirmed to closely coordinate with the Vietnamese side to organize the two events.

The Russian Defense Ministry believes that Vietnam will successfully host the two contests, contributing to the success of the 2021 Army Games and the bilateral defense cooperation.

Translated by Minh Anh