At the reception, the Vietnamese academy’s director Lieutenant General Nguyen Van Bao briefed the guests on the academy and its training programs.

An overview of the reception

Gen. Bao also recalled the solidarity and deep sentiments that the Venezuelan people have had for Vietnam. He emphasized that international solidarity and support are always an important factor contributing to feats-of arms in the past national defense cause and attainments in the current national construction and development cause of the people of each country.

Lt. Gen. Rafael Asdrubal Zerpa Zambrano writes in the golden book of the Military Political Academy.

Thanking the host for a solemn welcome, Lt. Gen. Rafael Asdrubal Zerpa Zambrano underlined that in the time to come, Venezuela will continue to strengthen exchange of delegations, especially delegation of cadres and instructors, share experience in education and training, political and ideological education, the work of organizing and building state administration, among others.

He also stressed that the dissemination and education about the solidarity between the people of Venezuela and Vietnam among young generations of two countries would be promoted as well. 

The hosts and guests in a joint photo

Translated by Mai Huong