General Birame Diop welcomed at Vietnam’s L2FH No.3 in Bentiu

General Birame Diop was accompanied by Lieutenant General Shailesh Tinaikar, Force Commander of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS).

The visit to Vietnam’s L2FH No.3 was part of General Birame Diop’s working session in Bentiu, Unity state from October 4-6.

General Birame Diop, other U.N. military advisors, and Vietnam’s L2FH No.3’s staff in a joint photo

At the event, Tran Dang Khoa, the hospital’s Vice Director, briefed the guests on the hospital’s personnel organization, operation, and achievements gained over the past six months. He also emphasized the hospital’s application of COVID-19 prevention approaches since its arrival in Bentiu.

Introduced to professional techniques at the Physiotherapy-Acupuncture Treatment Department of the hospital, the delegation showed their impression on the advantages of Vietnam’s traditional medicine that could treat different diseases.

It is also the first time a Vietnamese field hospital in South Sudan has established a functional department to apply traditional medicine to treatment.

Lieutenant Colonel Trinh My Hoa, the hospital director, presents a souvenir to General Birame Diop.

On behalf of the U.N. delegation, General Birame Diop highly appreciated the hospital personnel’s experience, their contribution to taking care of the health of U.N. staff at UNMISS. He believed that with their capabilities, the Vietnamese military medical staff will make more contribution to the U.N. peacekeeping operations.

During the visit, the U.N. delegation was also impressed with the hospital’s green, clean and beautiful campus, especially the impressive painting of Vietnamese lotus flowers on the front gate. They were also introduced to a map of Vietnam made of gravel placed on the path to the hospital and a poster with the image of Uncle Ho made from recycled materials. These works were created by the hospital’s personnel themselves.

The drum performance of Vietnam’s field hospital starting off the artistic program welcoming the U.N. delegation
With peacekeeping mission, Vietnam’s field hospital wishing to spread the spirit of friendship and introduce Vietnamese culture rich in national identities to international friends
Vietnam’s field hospital’s performance leaving impression on international friends

Earlier, General Birame Diop and his entourage were entertained with an artistic program organized at the Mongolian Guard Battalion in Bentiu, during which peacekeepers from Vietnam, Mongolia, Ghana and Pakistan performed works that help promote international solidarity and friendship. Vietnam’s drum performance left deep impression on international friends.

Reported by Tran Lien and Tien Phuc from Bentiu, South Sudan

Translated by Mai Huong