The poster is partly made from beer cans.

This is an activity in celebration of the 76th anniversary of the National Day of Vietnam (September 2, 1945-2021).

The campaign aims to encourage Vietnamese troops and people at home to expel the COVID-19 pandemic and motivate the personnel of the L2FH 3 in South Sudan as well.

At the event, Vietnamese blue-berets made a poster featuring President Ho Chi Minh and his autograph in 1954 of “friendship and peace among the world people” to demonstrate Vietnam’s love for peace and active contribution to upholding peace, stability, and security in the world. Also on the poster is the national flag of Vietnam which represents the soul and the pride of the Vietnamese nation and a lotus emphasizing the strong vitality of the Vietnamese people. The images of Vietnamese peacekeepers, medical and logistical personnel also appeared on the poster which was partly made from beer cans.

Making the poster is a way for the Vietnamese peacekeepers to improve their spiritual life and to express their love for the Fatherland from a far-flung country.

Reported by Nguyen Cong Truong from Bentiu, South Sudan

Translated by Mai Huong