RoK’s naval ships anchor at Ho Chi Minh City’s port.

During their stay, RoK’s naval officers and crew-members will conduct numerous activities such as visiting several agencies and units, discussing to enhance friendship between the two navies, taking part in a joint training program, playing volleyball matches, and touring historical and cultural relic sites in the city.

At the welcoming ceremony 

Brigadier General Gang Dong Goo, the RoK delegation head, said that the Vietnam’s visit is a practical activity in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the two countries’ diplomatic ties and will contribute to promoting the bilateral friendship, peace, and prosperity of the two countries.

Delegates in a joint photo

The RoK-made ROKS Hansando training ship has a full displacement of 4,500 tons. It is 142m in length, 18m in width and equipped with various modern equipment. The fast combat support ship ROKS Daecheong has a full displacement of 4,200 tons and tasks of providing fuel and food as well as performing rescue operations for combat forces at sea.

Translated by Trung Thanh