Last year, the Vietnamese tank team proved their capability by winning a silver medal at the Army Games 2019. To have such an achievement, all member of the team had practiced days and nights to prepare for the event.

Unforgettable memory

Senior Lieutenant Phan Anh Tuan, a non-commissioned officer from the Tank-Armored Technical School, is a member of the Vietnamese tank team to participate in the Army Games 2020. He said that he and other members always pay much attention to training because they understand their responsibilities and feel proud to be representative for the Vietnam People’s Army in such a world military competition. The non-commissioned officer has clinched the excellent gunner prize after destroyed all targets in the semi-final round of the Army Games 2019.

Lieutenant Chu Van Tung, a non-commissioned officer of Tank Brigade 201, broke his tooth when taking part in the semi-final of the 2019 competition. He shared that it was his unforgettable memory. In fact, he did not know the incident until he completed his competition.

The tank contingent of the Vietnam People's Army in training program 

Overpower the “Bagua furnace”

These days, the tank team, like other teams to participate in the Army Games 2020, have to practice contents of the competition in a sunny and hot weather at the at the Armored-Tank Integrated Training Center.

Colonel Vu Manh Tu, Deputy Director of the Office of Military Training under the Staff Agency of the Tank-Armored Arms and vice head of the participating tank team, told reporters that a piece of clothing was on fire after it was put on the tank during four training rounds.

Apart from harsh weather, differences in vehicles, technical equipment and environmental conditions also challenge the tank team. Particularly, the tank used for the competition is T-72B3 model, which is not staffed to the Vietnam People’s Army.

Senior Lieutenant Phan Anh Tuan said that this year’s competition will be tougher because all participating teams have gained operational experience and known how to surmount their shortcomings.

Spirit of five brothers

According to Colonel Vu Manh Tu, each member of the tank team has to rise above himself to surmount difficulties and fulfill their assigned missions. Many of them have been away from their families for a long time.

They live and work in harmony as a big family. They regularly support each other in training, and shared experience. Therefore, new members of the team are easy to mingle with others and unite together in training for the competition.

Captain Phung Anh Cuong from Tank Brigade 215 believes his team will be able to fulfill assigned missions while Colonel Vu Manh Tu has affirmed that the team is ready and determined to win the Army Games 2020.

Translated by Trung Thanh