Under the scorching sun, non-commissioned Second Lieutenant Vu Thi Hue from the Naval Medical Institute, one of the six “iron roses” of the 24-member medical team of Vietnam to participate in the international event, is training hard for the event. This year, Hue will perform the “crossing water hurdle” event, in which she has to carry a 70-kg simulated wounded patient on her back to overcome an artificial obstacle.

The Military Medical Relay Race is considered one of the most difficult events in the Army Games, requiring high professional competence and physical fitness.  During the relay race, participating troops will compete in different events, including weapons shooting, weapons assembly and disassembly, grenade throwing, and an obstacle course. They also have to conduct a skills contest with different practical sections. 

Non-commissioned Second Lieutenant Vu Thi Hue

To achieve the best results possible at Army Games 2020, Hue and other members of her team have underwent rigorous training and paid special attention to raising their professional competence. In spite of facing numerous difficulties, all of them are ready to show their strong resolve and showcase the abilities of the Vietnamese military medical staff to international friends.

“Although I had learnt about the competition, I was still surprised at how harsh the training program was in preparation for the event, it was more difficult than I could of imagined. As medical staffers, we now have to work with guns, grenades, obstacles on the field in harsh weather conditions."

According to regulations of the Army Games 2020, the Military Medical Relay Race will have new events for medical teams. Apart from available events, this year, medical staff will have to perform medical techniques and deal with emergency incidents relating to biological and chemical weapons.

According to Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Bach Dang, Head of the team, all preparations for personnel, training facilities, and accommodations for the participating team have been carried out thoroughly. He added that this year’s military medical team will be in a more favorable position than previous years’ as most of the team members are young.

However, Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Quoc Thinh, the team’s coach, said that youthful vigor is a strength, but the unity is a decisive factor for the team to achieve the best results at the games.

Army Games is considered a big challenge for the Vietnamese teams, including the military medical force. However, with youthful vigor, intelligence, and stance, the Vietnamese teams will be more confident to perform well at the event, contributing to popularizing the image of the Vietnamese military medical force to international friends.

Translated by Tran Hoai