The statement was underscored by Deputy Defense Minister Senior Lieutenant General Hoang Xuan Chien during his meeting with Ukraine’s outgoing and newly-appointed defense attachés to Vietnam, Colonel Kuzmenko Sergii Mykolaiovich and Colonel Sotnichenko Dmytro Viktorovych, respectively, on October 14.

General Chien said that Vietnam and Ukraine have established defense attaché offices in each country very early. Vietnam always attaches importance to maintaining and promoting defense cooperation with Ukraine in line with the comprehensive cooperation and partnership between the two countries.

At the event

General Chien acknowledged and highly appreciated the contribution of Colonel Kuzmenko Sergii Mykolaiovich to the bilateral defense cooperation during his term of office in Vietnam.

The Vietnamese deputy defense minister hoped that in his new position, Colonel Kuzmenko Sergii Mykolaiovich would continue supporting and making contributions to the bilateral partnership between the two countries in general and the two defense ministries in particular.

General Chien presents souvenir to Colonel Kuzmenko Sergii Mykolaiovich.

Meanwhile, General Chien stated that the Vietnamese Ministry of National Defense will create all favorable conditions for Colonel Sotnichenko Dmytro Viktorovych to fulfill his duties. He also urged the Ukraine’s newly-appointed defense attaché to continue effectively implementing potential defense cooperation contents between the two sides, focusing on delegation exchange, training and education, signing of a memorandum of understanding on defense cooperation between the two defense ministries, to name but a few.

He also asked Colonel Sotnichenko Dmytro Viktorovych to make proposals to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry for medical cooperation, particularly in support of COVID-19 vaccine to Vietnam.

For his part, Colonel Kuzmenko Sergii Mykolaiovich expressed sincere thanks to the Vietnamese Ministry of National Defense for creating favorable conditions for him to complete his term of office in Vietnam. He hoped that the Vietnamese side would continue supporting the Ukraine’s newly-appointed defense attaché to fulfill his task, thereby enhancing the bilateral defense cooperation.

Translated by Minh Anh