This statement was underscored by Deputy Chief of the General Staff Lieutenant General Nguyen Van Nghia during a conference held on October 6 to review VPA’s participation in the Army Games 2021 and map out plans for the next year’s event.

Lieutenant General Nguyen Van Nghia speaking at the event

During the event, Major General Thai Van Minh, Director of the Department of Military Training under the General Staff, briefed delegates on the preparation and participation of the VPA in the Army Games 2021 in several countries and the organization of some events in Vietnam. He also made some proposals related to the Army Games 2022.

As a result, in this year’s competition, the VPA snatched one gold, two silver and four bronze medals, together with other individual noble awards. At the Army Games 2021, Vietnam ranked seventh out of 42 participating countries, with a total of 51 awards for teams and individuals.

The other teams, although did not achieve high results, made great efforts and contributed impressive performances to the games.

The fruitful outcomes were achieved thanks to the sound leadership and directions of the Central Military Commission, Ministry of National Defense (MND), General Department of Political Affairs and participating units in the whole military.

The Army Games 2021 marked the fourth consecutive year that Vietnam has participated in the event. Therefore, it had experience from preparing, training to competing in the games. Meanwhile, all the athletes did their utmost during their participation in the Army Games 2021.

Especially, this was also the first time the Vietnamese MND has hosted the two contests in the framework of the Army Games 2021. Despite the complicated developments of the COVID-19 pandemic, the VPA’s contingents inside and outside the country overcame difficulties to fulfill their performance in the competition.

At the conference, representatives from relevant units and contingents discussed and shared experience learnt from the competition, as well as pointed out shortcomings so as to better compete in the Army Games 2022.

Delegates at the event

Concluding the conference, General Nghia appreciated the attendance of delegates at the conference and their recommendations for the next year’s competition.

He affirmed that the VPA’s participation in the Army Games 2021 was a success and all athletes were the winners. He also noted that the units and chains-of-command at all levels in the military should learn from experience so as to get better results in the Army Games 2022.

Translated by Minh Anh