In his closing speech, Senior Colonel Bui Trong Hieu, Deputy Director of the Department of Foreign Relations, emphasized that the current complex developments in the world and regional context require officials undertaking foreign affairs in general, and defense external relations tasks in particular, to study and improve their capacities and competencies in all aspects. 

Handing over certificates to the Lao officers

Significantly, they also need to study, analyze, evaluate, forecast, and make recommendations to higher levels to ensure national interests. Besides, globalization, peace and cooperation have become general trends for the whole world, leading to an increasing frequency of foreign affairs activities and higher requirements in diplomatic work in general and defense diplomacy in particular. Therefore, officers working in this field should try to enhance their professionalism to meet their task requirements.

Congratulating the Lao officers on the success of the refresher course, Senior Colonel Bui Trong Hieu expressed his hope that they have gained valuable knowledge and experience to enhance their competence, as well as understanding about Vietnamese country and people, contributing to strengthening the solidarity relationship between the two parties, states, and militaries.

Senior Colonel Bui Trong Hieu wished that the Lao officers would apply the acquired knowledge and experience they have learned to their work and successfully complete their assigned tasks.

Translated by Song Anh