Activities included providing free health check-ups and medicines to border people, handing over scholarships to needy students, offering breeding cows to needy households, and inaugurating a border station for the Attapeu provincial Military Command, Laos.

Needy families in Duc Co receive cows.

Joyful sentiment before big event

At Ia Dom commune People’s Committee in Duc Co district, Gia Lai province these days many practical and meaningful programs have taken place imbued with solidarity and friendship between people on both sides of the border. The presence of the Vietnamese and Cambodian medical staff, as well as local authorities and representatives of the two countries’ defense ministries proved the special care of leaders at all levels towards the locals’ life.

Senior Colonel Le Van Dong, Deputy Head of the Military Medical Department under the General Department of Logistics of the Ministry of National Defense (MND), on the sidelines of the exchange, held that the unit was tasked with working with hospitals and forces in the two provinces of Gia Lai and Kon Tum to implement free health check-ups and medicines to border people of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. In the border areas of the provinces of Gia Lai and Ratanakiri (Cambodia), after nearly two days, more than 1,000 local people in Po Nhay commune, Ozadao district, Ratanakiri province, and over 700 Vietnamese people in Ia Dom commune had their health checked.

He also noted that in order to conduct the program, the department sent more than 80 doctors and medical staff from Military Hospital 211 (Army Corps 3) and Military Hospital 175 under the MND, in addition to Cambodian military medical staff. They also brought medical equipment to serve the local people. Meanwhile, the delegation worked closely with local authorities to implement the program.

Head of Po Nhay commune Chieng Hieng shared that as scheduled, the military medical forces would give free healthcare service to about 700 local residents; however, in reality, more than 1,000 people joined the program. The delegation met all the demands of the local residents. On behalf of them, he would like to send sincere thanks to the Vietnamese military medical staff for their contribution to enhancing the bilateral solidarity and friendship.

Besides, in order to share difficulties with the border people, the Vietnam Border Guard Command handed over 100 scholarships, worth VND 2 million each to needy Vietnamese and Cambodian students; 20 breeding cows to poor households in the border provinces of Gia Lai and Ratanakiri, practically helping them overcome difficulties so as to develop economy, while tightening solidarity between border people of Vietnam and Cambodia.

Solidarity-proved facility

Following activities in the framework of the exchange, on December 5, authorized by the Vietnamese MND, a delegation of the Vietnam Border Guard Command, led by its Second-in-Command and Chief of Staff Major General Hoang Huu Chien, joined the event to inaugurate a border station to Border Company 541 under the Attapeu provincial Military Command (Laos). The newly-built border station has contributed to raising troops’ living standards, while affirming the cooperation between the two border protection forces.

On behalf of the Vietnamese side, Major General Hoang Huu Chien hoped that the construction would create favorable conditions for the troops to fulfill all assigned missions, so as to build the Vietnam - Laos border of peace, solidarity, stability, and development.

Locals receiving medicines

After the handover ceremony, the delegation visited and presented gifts to Phu Cua village Primary School in Attapeu province.

For his part, Major General Siphan Phoutthavong, Head of the Border Guard Department under the General Staff of the Lao People’s Army, thanked the Vietnamese MND for the meaningful gifts, hoping that the bilateral ties will be further promoted and many other practical foreign affairs activities will be organized for border troops and people of the two sides.

Source: Baobienphong

Translated by Minh Anh