Indonesian female firers sincerely congratulated the Vietnamese firers on their achievements. “You are amazing! Let’s take some photos,” Indonesian female firers said. Although they did not wipe the sweat off their forehead, all of them looked really beautiful with sparkling eyes, bright smiles and glowing faces.

Some participants at AARM-30 in a joint photo

The firers felt excited as they successfully accomplished assigned missions and made more friends after the competition. Major Harahap Wirahadi, Head of the Indonesian team, shared that participating in the AARM-30 event, the Indonesian athletes had a lot of new friends from ASEAN countries. They had a special love for Vietnamese firers, as the Vietnamese firers were always friendly and kind to other athletes during the competition. Especially, the Indonesian team deeply admired the shooting skills of the Vietnamese firers. According to Colonel Wirahadi, the excellent performance of the Vietnamese delegation at the AARM-30 showed the firers’ thorough preparations and hard training.

After fierce minutes of shooting competitions at the AARM-30, ASEAN countries’ military firers gathered to exchange and excitedly talk  with each other. Non-commissioned Major Pham Thi Ha, an experienced athlete of the Vietnamese Women's Pistol Team, said that she always  tried to learn from experience of opponents to enhance her shooting skills. Along with sharing shooting techniques, participating firers also introduced unique customs and practices of their countries, non-commissioned Captain Bui Van Hoang, a firer of the machine gun team of the Vietnamese delegation shared.

Joining the AARM-30, the best firers of the ASEAN jointly performed their shooting talent at the National Military Training Center No.4. At the same time,  they participated in sports exchanges and visited famous scenic spots in Hanoi capital.

AARM-30 is a good opportunity for ASEAN countries’ militaries in general and armies in particular to promote cooperation and strengthen solidarity and friendship, contributing to preserving the peaceful and stable environment and common development in the region and the world.

Translated by Quynh Oanh