The device enables users to monitor their children anytime and anywhere.

This is the first product using IoT technology in Vietnam owned and supplied by Viettel with the aim of making people’s life more convenient.

Using 3 in 1 positioning technology which integrates GPS, Wifi, LBS, vTag has preeminent features, such as automatically saved movement history, motion sensor, safe area settings, SOS alert, intelligent control to help users to manage personal items and assets.

With nice, compact and handy design, vTag can be used to help monitor elderly people with memory loss and children anytime and anywhere.

VTag is equipped with Viettel eSIM with an unlimited data package and assurance of continuous and uninterrupted connection. In particular, the same vTag account allows monitoring of many devices, many people, and its advantage is energy-saving (average battery life is 7-10 days).

According to Nguyen Trong Tinh, Deputy Director of Viettel Telecom, with GPS technology and mobile waves, vTag enables users to monitor targets anytime and anywhere while other available devices use bluetooth and are able to find targets in a distance of just 10-20 meters.

Translated by Chung Anh