The emerging challenges at that time were to maintain mobile revenue and strengthen customer trust. Moreover, the company had to find new ways to transform its operations in line with the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Its transformation began thanks to new resolutions approved at the Congress of the Party Organization of the Viettel Telecom for the 2015-2020 term.

Viettel Telecom builds 5G stations in Hanoi.

With the investment in the nationwide 4G network in 2017, the company provided a wide range of digital products and services to the market. The company has built up a diverse digital service ecosystem, meeting all customer needs, including entertainment, business, trading, and information access. This also created a strong shift from voice, SMS to data and digital services, raised the demand for data, and at the same time, made strong growth for Viettel branches in provinces and cities. According to 2019 figures, the demand for 4G network data use of Viettel increased by more than 200%, while 3G network data use increased by arround 30%. Not only stopping the decline in revenue and mobile subscribers, Viettel Telecom has also served more than 40 million 3G and 4G subscribers, in which the number of 4G subscribers accounted for 43.5% of the 72 million subscribers.

After five years, Viettel Telecom has become a  top company in the broadband service market with the number of FTTH subscribers and television subscribers five and three times higher than 2015 respectively. The company has been a pioneer in many fields such as e-government, smart cities, health, education, transportation, agriculture, and e-payment. With the launch of ViettelPay digital banking service, Viettel Telecom has contributed to laying the foundation for the digital payment ecosystem, which is a key part of the digital transformation strategy of Viettel Group.

In the 2020-2025 period, Viettel Telecom plans to maintain its leading role in Viettel Group’s digital transformation, popularize the usage of 4G and 5G smartphones, provide new OTT communications applications, and so on.

Acording to the company’ leadership, each affiliated unit and Party organizations should work hard, promote creativeness and responsibilities, and contribute to the development of Viettel in particular and the country in general.

Translated by Trung Thanh