Viettel's staffers study powerful language models.

Reportedly, this technology is expected to help reduce 30% of workload and optimize operation of the whole court system.

The AI legal assistant has a big data based on over 160,000 legal documents, 63 case precedents and over 1 million judgments, including more than 1,200 cassation decisions and 80,000 appellate decisions given by the Supreme People’s Court.

Unlike conventional search systems, the AI legal assistant can help users find appropriate documents, answer typical questions, provide references, support judges, and in the future suggest judicial presumptions.

In order to better the product, Viettel staffers have studied powerful language models and at the same time applied deep learning models and semantic search to help users quickly search legal files.

According to Viettel, the AI legal assistant for court system has been developed from the company’s Viettel Cyberbot platform, which applies AI technology and is part of Viettel AI ecosystem.

Translated by Minh Anh