Big quests for personnel development

The annual LearningElite Award, launched by the Chief Learning Officer magazine of the U.S.-based Human Capital Media, honors best organizations for learning and development.

A representative of Viettel Academy (left) receives the LearningElite Award. (Photo: Credit of Viettel Academy)

For Viettel Academy, this award is really important since it recognizes the academy’s international standards-met training programs and demonstrates Viettel’s position on par with other world-class trademarks in learning and human resources development.

Knowing that a scientific, methodical, practical learning organization will create advantages for businesses, the academy emphasizes the need to strongly innovate learning contents and methods to meet Viettel’s transformation and breakthrough requirements.

A series of questions have been raised to find solutions to help Viettel’s staff be pro-active in their learning, self-studying to improve their professional expertise, thus developing Viettel, a global business, into a learning organization, which, in turn, becomes a competitive advantage of the group.

Together with learning models and trends in the world, the academy has actively registered for the LearningElite Award to get opportunities to learn experience from organizations, businesses worldwide and test Viettel’s learning models.

Finding core solutions

From practice and international experience, Viettel Academy has found that there are five learning trends in business, namely digital learning, continuous learning, individualized learning, practical training, and internally-shared training.

Leader of the Hanoi University of Science and Technology visits Viettel Academy.

The academy has transformed itself from purely using available software to pro-actively creating and applying digital technology, and building platforms such as ATM post-training, chatbot/callbot AI, and By day Learning (BDL) apps. Providing short lessons under 10 minutes, BDL, launched two years ago, has attracted more than 60,000 Viettel users, helping them uphold daily learning habits.

Colonel Bui Quang Tuyen, Viettel Academy’s Director, said that By day Learning is an app. that clearly demonstrates digital transformation in learning, creating a breakthrough in the way of receiving knowledge, improving capacity of employees, and building a learning culture of each organization and business. The key in learning culture is that many people want and actively learn on a platform. Thus, according to Col. Tuyen, alongside rich, diverse, accessible learning contents, it is necessary to create a learning environment, learning facilities and other policies to maintain regular learning anytime and anywhere.

The academy has pro-actively developed learning contents and digitized them. In the bank of lessons of the By day Learning app., there are many publications, reference books highly praised by scientists, organizations, and businesses.

Apart from domestically-training programs, Viettel Academy has partnered with other organizations and businesses to organize training programs for their employees. So far, dozens of classes have been opened, contributing to connecting potential customers, and creating business chances.

Spreading training and development in enterprises

Viettel Academy’s above moves not only are inevitable, but also come from a sense of responsibility, enthusiasm for work, and understanding in the field of training. Winning international awards is only the initial success of the academy. It is sure that Viettel’s employees in charge of training will continue to be creative and make more contribution to a global Viettel. It proves the right awareness and the enthusiasm of the Viettel Academy’s director that “Timely training - Lifelong learning” is the key solution to help Viettel answer questions and weather challenges in developing capacity of employees.

Colonel Bui Quang Tuyen speaks at a seminar.

The academy will continue to innovate, bring more intellectual values to contribute to the development of Viettel in particular and the business community in general. Hopefully, Viettel Academy’s thoughts, methods, and achievements will be spread widely so learning activities will become a key solution for each organization and business to adapt to today's rapidly changing environment.

Translated by Mai Huong