This is the first time a Vietnamese enterprise has participated in this exhibition, affirming Viettel’s potential and cooperation chance on field of defense industry in Europe. This year’s MSPO draws the participation of various top world contractors like WB Group, Thales, Lockheed Martin. Viettel’s booth is at Hall G, stand G31.

Viettel is attending the 31st International Defense Industry Exhibition (MSPO 2023) in Kielce, Poland from September 5 to 8.

Reportedly, the MSPO 2023 is one of the three largest annual defense expos in Europe, and ranks ninth among 100 top global defense expos. The exhibition space amounts to 34,000sq.m, while the exhibitors list includes 711 companies and 60 missions from 36 countries. It is expected to attract around 25,000 visitors. The event displays millions of defense products and technologies, attracting over 25,000 visitors annually.

Viettel’s products meet international production standards and feature similar capabilities to high-tech products worldwide. At the MSPO 2023, Viettel is presenting a range of military products across various technological generations, on par with major global players, in diverse fields such as communications, electronic warfare, radar, optoelectronics, simulation models, UAVs, private networks for the military, and other defense products. With dozens of products on display, Viettel aims to demonstrate its comprehensive research and production capabilities. Its participation in the MSPO 2023 is driven by the goal of expanding business opportunities, fostering multinational partnerships, and popularizing Vietnam’s defense industry on the global stage.

According to Mr. Nguyen Vu Ha, General Director of Viettel High Tech, a subsidiary of Viettel, having core technology in hands is considered a solid foundation for Viettel in order to enter and penetrate into international markets. Vietnamese defense products have met customer requirements so far and they are confident and committed to providing continuously updated and improved products to serve end-users. “We believe that this event will promote Viettel’s position in the global market and make a positive contribution to the development of Vietnam’s high-tech industry,” added Ha.

Viettel is Vietnam’s leading brand, operating in 11 countries and territories. Its services cater to a customer base of more than 130 million people worldwide, across Asia, Africa, and America. The defense industry is one of Viettel’s key areas and the group has successfully researched, developed, and manufactured numerous modern military products and pieces of equipment, significantly contributing to the development of Vietnam’s defense industry sector.

Meanwhile, Viettel High Tech is the R&D arm of Viettel in the high-tech industry. It continuously expands its research, mastery, and production of urgently needed weapons and technical equipment, as well as new-generation weapons. Currently, Viettel High Tech is focused on promoting the export of “Make in Vietnam” products to major markets around the world.

* First imprints of Viettel’s booth at MSPO 2023 in Poland

The Viettel High Tech’s booth is located at Hall G, stand G31 - an important area of the exhibition where gathers many big defense enterprises.

The 43sq.m booth of Viettel High Tech can easily attract many visitors from many sides. The booth can show Viettel’s ecosystem with tens of military products via replica models in combination with printing and video contents. 

It can also serve visitors to both experience and meet with each other in an open space. With the aim of expanding business and promoting multinational partnerships, the booth provides visitors with easy approach from three directions.

This is a careful preparation of Viettel High Tech, showing the Vietnam’s stance in the international arena.

Viettel’s booths at Hall G, stand G31 - an important area of the exhibition
Viettel attends the MSPO 2023 in Kielce, Poland which takes place from September 5 to 9, 2023
It aims to expand business and promote multinational partnerships
This is also an occasion to introduce the competence and image of Vietnamese defense industry to international friends.
The MSPO 2023 is one of the three largest annual defense exhibitions in Europe, ranked ninth among the 100 largest military exhibitions in the world.

Translated by Minh Anh