Viettel is the only Vietnamese business competing in this category together with other leading businesses in the world, such as CommScope, IMB, and Cisco.

The Headquarters of Viettel 

The awards recognize businesses with impressions in business development, influence, and business achievements, especially in personnel management, working policies, and welfare policies that bring greatest benefit to employees. The awards winners in the Employer of the Year – Telecommunications category must be the ones that receive the most votes from the public.

Last year, the Vietnamese telecom giant was also recognized as one of the best workplaces in Vietnam.

According to the evaluation from the organizers of the awards, Viettel creates a friendly, open, and dynamic working environment for laborers to show off their talent. Its paid salary for employees is placed in the top of the telecom market with many attractive bonuses and the policy of periodic salary increase in recognition of employees’ dedication. The average income of its employees is more than 75% higher than that of other businesses in the market. Notably, for the group’s key position holders, their average income is over 90% higher than those from other businesses in the market.

Apart from its business accomplishments, Viettel has built premium healthcare packages and designed collective activities to help improve its employees’ physical and spiritual lives. It also assists its employees in house-buying and during maternity leave, illness, occupational accidents, and infertility treatment.

Pioneering in digital creation and striving to become a global technology group, Viettel has been heavily investing in raising the quality of human resources while improving its working environment and increasing the attractiveness of the brand to hi-tech talents.

Translated by Mai Huong