During the visit, the mission toured the facilities, infrastructure, lecture halls, accommodations and living conditions of the trainees, and learnt about the academy’s training programs as well as quality and quantity of Viettel’s internal trainers.

Lt. Gen. Tran Huu Phuc speaks at the event.

According to Lieutenant Colonel Bui Quang Tuyen, the Academy’s Director, founded on March 27, 2006, the academy is tasked to train and develop human resources to meet Viettel Group’s telecoms, information technology and hi-tech requirements.

Its contingent of trainers includes 200 leaders from Viettel Group and its affiliates, who are leading experts in technology, business, and management.

At the meeting, the mission highly valued the academy’s comprehensive training programs. The programs meet domestic and international requirements  and are in line with reality. Due attention is paid to practice, improvement of professional expertise, and innovative approaches to business management. Its training styles are flexible with more focus on teamwork and experience-sharing between instructors and trainees.

Applauding the academy’s practical model of building a learning Viettel organization in the digital era, Lt. Gen. Tran Huu Phuc urged the academy to further improve the quality and raise quantity of its instructors, equip trainees with more military and political knowledge, and promote solidarity and observance of military discipline in the military environment.

The academy should promote its advantages, organize and participate in scientific seminars to attract and develop hi-tech human resources while doing more scientific research and increasing the number of exemplary personnel.

Translated by Mai Huong