Currently, Viettel is the only network operator in Vietnam to publish such a map. Worldwide, only a few operators have made the same activity, including AT&T in the US, and Airtel in India.

Customers introduced about Viettel's services

Open Network is built and developed by Viettel’s engineers based on big data storage and processing technology.

By visiting the website, customers can easily check the quality of Viettel's 4G coverage at their current location or anywhere in Vietnam. With the Open Network, customers can look up 4G coverage details in all routes of interest. Information about the 4G network on the Open Network is shown truthfully and vividly based on customers' actual experience. The quality of 4G signals is displayed in different colors.

While using the 4G service, if there is any problem, customers can give their comments through the Open Network, providing the precise time and location on the map. From this reliable data source, Viettel will provide solutions to improve 4G network quality.

According to Dao Xuan Vu, the General Director of Viettel Network Corporation, the decision to publish the map and the quality of Viettel's 4G mobile network coverage through the Open Network comes from the group’s customers-centered orientation. The corporation wants its customers to see the reality of 4G networks around the country to facilitate their activities.

In the first nine months of 2019, the number of 4G subscribers doubled against 2018, reaching 21 million subscribers, accounting for 65% of the total number of subscribers using data on the Viettel network.

Translated by Mai Huong