The group is the only State-owned enterprise in the top ten businesses, which have the best workplaces across the country. It also had the attractive employer brand in the information technology and telecommunications sector. This success stemmed from their desire of building an ambitious and caring company.

At a Viettel office

This is the third consecutive year that the company acquired the title, surpassing many large foreign-invested enterprises such as IBM or Intel Vietnam and other entrepreneurs in the same field.

The selection was based on criteria such as salary, company’s reputation, growth potential, leadership, job quality, working culture and environment, and so on.

The group attracted employees, including numerous talents and experts, due to its favorable conditions such as tradename, personal development, competitive and active workplace, higher per capita income, to name but a few.

At the moment, 50,000 staff are working in the group, including 10,000 foreigners. The company’s leadership shared that all employees are given opportunities to prove their mettle. Assigning hard work and trusting the employees are two among the methods that the company is applying in order to unlock its workers’ potentials. As a result, they have motivation at work and then their productivity is increased.

Nguyen Ha Thanh, Public Relations Director of Viettel, said that the company has become an ambitious organization, which always cares for the community and strives for a better life of people. Following this motto, the employees have to overcome difficulties and adjust themselves to the rapid change of the daily life. That is the most valuable thing that the company could ever bring to its employees, she noted.

Over the past years, Viettel has developed its labor force from dozens to thousands of people, created various services for the benefits of the community, and upgraded its telecommunications system, to better serve its customers at home and abroad.

This year’s title continues to reinforce the company’s strategy of building a strong force in a competitive workplace.

Translated by Trung Thanh