According to the strategy, Mytel will focus on the data segment in combination with new digital services. The orientation of Viettel’s strategy in Myanmar is introduced by means of the four letters of D-A-T-A. The four letters stand for D-igital & New services; A-dvanced Technology; T-rustworthy; and A-ffordable & Various.

The building of the infrastructure and distribution services of Mytel in Myanmar reflect exactly what these four letters, D-A-T-A, mean. In the first year of official operations in Myanmar, Mytel built more than 7,000 4G broadband transceiver stations and installed more than 30,000km of optical cable throughout Myanmar. Mytel is now the only mobile service provider in Myanmar that offers 4G services nationwide, immediately after opening. Other service providers often focused on coverage in big cities before expanding to smaller cities and rural areas.

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In terms of charges, in the first phase, Mytel will offer call and SMS charges at half the current rates in Myanmar while the data rate will be 37% lower. The cellphone network, to be inaugurated on June 9, will charge subscribers on the basis of one-second blocks instead of the current 15-second or 20-second blocks.

Particularly, Mytel will also officially put in place a strategic service package during their inauguration period, named Mite Tal (meaning “Very Cool” in Burmese). With just 4,000Kyat (VND 68,000), subscribers will have 5GB of data and 250 minutes of calls over the course of 30 days, a promotion of 1.5GB and 150 minutes of calls in the first 3 months, one-second block charges and a promotion of 100% of top-up values each day.

According to Major General Le Dang Dung, Deputy-Director of Viettel Group, “Myanmar has a high rate of telephone users as the country has just opened its economy to the world and has started to achieve high economic growth. Therefore, the opportunity for the telecommunications sector in general, and Viettel in particular, is high. In 2018, we have set the target to attract between 2 and 3 million subscribers in Myanmar.”

Mytel is the trademark of Telecoms International Myanmar, the joint venture between Viettel Global (an affiliate of Viettel Group) and two other local partners: Star High Public Company and Myanmar National Telecoms Holding Public.

The total investment capital of this project is USD 1.5 billion, accounting for 66% of the registered investment capital of Vietnam in Myanmar. With this project, Vietnam jumped from 10th to seventh place among 49 countries and territories with investment in Myanmar and became the second largest investor among ASEAN countries (as of June 2017).

Consequently, in Myanmar, Mytel will be the fourth largest mobile service provider after the State-owned MPT, Teleenor (Norway), and Ooredoo (Qatar).

Translated by Song Anh