With a focus on Viettel's core values, the Academy has been implementing innovative training methods that meet the demand of the digital transformation era.

Equipped with interdisciplinary knowledge

One of the major challenges facing technicians is the need to understand the basis of business administration and customer care. Similarly, people with technological and technical  background often find it difficult to handle sales and production management.

To address these issues, the Viettel Training Center (now Viettel Academy) was established on March 27, 2006, by merging the Department of Training and the Department of Technical Services of the Viettel Group.

Leaders of the Viettel Academy give a presentation about By Day Learning (BDL) application.

In line with the message “Viettel, where desires would never be stopped,” all personnel in all agencies and units are encouraged to collaborate and work towards achieving their goals. The academy offers a wide range of training courses, including the "First-time being a manager" program, which has helped improve the skills of building plans, assigning missions, assessment, relations management, and more. These courses have enabled staff to think systematically and develop a multi-dimensional view to analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of their organization and themselves.

The Viettel Academy has been successful in attracting leading experts and lecturers from the Vietnam National University, Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Military Technical Academy, and National Economics University. The lecturers at the academy also include leaders and personnel from the Viettel Group. In 2022, the academy launched the program "Spreading Viettel's Knowledge," which consisted of nearly 250 experience-sharing sessions for over 30,000 personnel within the Viettel Group. Additionally, 75 training sessions were organized for Viettel staff across the globe.

Supports for learners

The academy has been actively enhancing technological application and online and direct training to support the Viettel Group's strategies of rapid and sustainable development. The e-learning system has been particularly successful in accelerating training for tens of thousands of Viettel staff worldwide. The academy has attached great importance to digital transformation in training and education. For instance, the school has introduced the By Day Learning (BDL) application - "daily learning maintenance method" on mobile phones and the internet. This application has been successful in attracting more than 50,000 Viettel personnel and a number of partner units and customers to study.

The Viettel Academy has set its key tasks for the period of 2021-2025, which include implementing the training strategy according to the Group's four training pillars: Management Competency - Core Competency, Culture, Viettel's "strategy" - Strategic transformation - Specialization and operations; organizing training for Viettel's partners and customers; training cooperation to provide certification and improve vocational skills. With a defined strategy, the Viettel Academy promises to continue to perform its role in training and fostering high-quality human resources for global industrial and telecommunications groups and spreading knowledge in the community in a practical and effective way. The academy's efforts to explore and innovate in training and education have been highly appreciated by many groups and individuals.

Translated by Trung Thanh