Trainees of a training course receive certificates

From face-to-face and online training…

The Training Center (the precursor of the Viettel Academy) was established in 2006 to enhance capacity for Viettel’s staff, contributing to developing the group into the biggest telecommunications business in Vietnam.

Viettel has a rule of “40-30-30” for task accomplishment. It means that when a staff finishes his or her assigned mission, he or she only fulfills 40 percent of the overall requirement. Another 30 percent is material compiling, and the remaining 30 percent is passing on the acquired knowledge to others.

Therefore, training methods, technical infrastructure, and business strategies are always urgent and cross-cutting issues of the group.

However, the question is how the group can provide classes for over 50,000 staff across the globe and help them understand the importance of learning?

According to  Ms. Le Thi Thu Huong, Head of the Department of Manager Training under Viettel Academy, the school started its online training through the E-learning system since 2010. Each staff has an account in each training application of Viettel for self-studying and self-evaluating. Every year, each staff has to study 42 hours at least while each senior or middle-level manager has to conduct the teaching in 24 hours. These requirements help improve learning habits and culture in the whole group, she stressed.

Lieutenant Colonel Bui Quang Tuyen gives lectures online.

… to “learning organization” model

According to Lieutenant Colonel Bui Quang Tuyen, Director of Viettel Academy, the school has applied the “learning organization” model with four major elements, namely leaders’ role, training regulations, training contents, and digital conversion application.

The academy is actively developing a storage with thousands of digitized training contents towards the direction of “Patching, tailoring, and mass production.”

“Patching” is the training process to supplement the lack of knowledge and skills in management, techniques and business due to the development of the market. “Tailoring” is the training of deeper knowledge and skills for special groups. “Mass production” is the training of common contents such as business culture, basic skills, and so on.

In addition, the academy has also implemented various forms of training, such as direct classes or virtual seminars. Since 2019, the “learning organization” model has been introduced to businesses, organizations at home and abroad through workshops.

According to Assoc. Prof., Dr. Bui Anh Tuan, President of the Foreign Trade University, this model not only is meaningful to Viettel’s human resource training but also can be applied to other enterprises. The popularization of the model will help improve the effectiveness of the personnel training of Vietnamese enterprises. The Foreign Trade University has accompanied Viettel Academy to build, share and develop this model. The model is especially suitable for people who are working, especially in the current situation when it is difficult to organize concentrated training courses due to the impacts of the pandemic, he stressed.

Translated by Trung Thanh