Being aware of that, the military has over the past time paid special attention to designing, developing, and manufacturing military communication devices.

Early investment

Vietnam has paid special attention to and invested early in researching and developing military equipment and weaponry with the participation of different units, including the Military Technical Academy and High-tech Information Technology Center under the Signal Corps.

In particular, the Military Technical Academy’s intensive research in radio-electronics have focused on basic science and new design techniques, including signal processing and communication algorithms, simulation of antenna types, and analytic algorithms, among others.

Modern military communication device is put into use in the whole military.

Meanwhile, together with maintaining the stable operation of military communication equipment, the High-tech Information Technology Center has also conducted various research projects and developed products to partly meet the demand for communication devices of the whole military. 

Formed in 1945, M1 Communication Factory under the Signal Corps has obtained many excellent achievements, especially in repairing and developing communication equipment to serve combat mission, contributing significantly to the national construction and defense cause. In the renewal period, the factory continued the mission of researching and producing military radio communication machines to equip military units. 

In 2010, the factory was merged with the Military Industry-Telecoms Group (Viettel) and was renamed M1 Communication Limited Liability Company. Since the merger, the company has concentrated its investment and resources on researching and manufacturing military communication equipment and electronics and telecommunication devices.

With the most modern equipment and production lines in Southeast Asia, the company has researched and successfully developed dozens of radio transceivers and thousands of synchronous equipment for communication machines, which have been approved by the Ministry of National Defense and added to units in the whole military. These achievements have directly contributed to raising the quality of military communication system.

Taking a shortcut, applying new technologies

Viettel High Technology Industries Corporation (VHT) (previously Viettel Research and Development Institute) embarked on high-tech military equipment research and development market in 2011. With the motto of taking a shortcut and applying new technologies, VHT decided to start with the latest software-defined radio technology platforms for its high-tech military products. Based on these platforms, the unit has researched and successfully developed latest core technologies, creating outstanding advantages for military radio products.

These products are developed and produced with such technology platforms as high-performance calculation platform, high-frequency direct sampling technology, and high-speed frequency hopping technology. These technologies are evaluated to be equal to those that are being used to manufacture the most advanced products in the world. Until now, few leading companies in the world have developed or successfully applied these technologies to its products. In recent years, VHT has researched and developed adaptive radio technology, which is a next- generation technology, to update military communication products.  

By researching and updating the most advanced core technologies, VHT has designed and manufactured a series of military communication products ranging from handheld devices to those installed on other equipment. These devices are evaluated to have technical-tactical performance comparable to and even superior to the most advanced products in the world and are being used by units at strategic and campaign levels and soldiers.

Devices are highly compatible, reliable, and capable of operating in multi-band. They are in accordance with the task requirements of the military, meet the requirements of security and information safety, are capable of preventing interference from cyberspace. By self-designing and mastering mass production technologies, VHT can be pro-active in producing a large number of products, thus creating a competitive advantage in both prices and quality. From 2012, tens of thousands of communication machines have been manufactured, approved, and put into operation across the military, contributing to the modernization of the military's communication force.

It is obvious that VHT and M1 Communication Limited Liability Company have created a close linkage among units from intensive research to production ones, contributing to building a modern military communication device production sector. The close linkage has helped keep Vietnam’s military communication machines updated and as modern as similar devices in the world.

Over the past time, the products researched and developed by Viettel’s businesses have not only met the military’s demand, but also been exported to other countries.  

Translated by Tran Hoai