Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, in response to the government’s requirements of launching the biggest vaccination campaign in history, the Ministry of Information and Communications and the Ministry of Health have coordinated with Viettel to develop a vaccination administration platform to administer 5 million doses per day. The platform has played a crucial role in vaccination and standardizing vaccination data for the entire population.

To date, there have been 30 million downloads of the electronic health book, which manages almost 88 million vaccination records.

There have been 30 million downloads of the electronic health book, managing almost 88 million vaccination records.

The electronic health book not only contributes to the national immunization mission, but also serves as a health care solution and an electronic medical record for the people. Synchronously managing a person’s health status, the system is integrated with A.I. and BigData technologies to give patients warnings based on their medical records.

More significantly, the system is connected to some other systems of the healthcare sector such as the doctor database, professional data, Vietnam Social Insurance, hospital networks, etc., allowing for quick and convenient medical appointments. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, the application has a consultation feature that allows health facilities to quickly provide patients with accurate healthcare information.

The system’s features are people-centered. It is when patients no longer have to fill out papers or reports at the hospital. Instead, they are provided with fast and efficient healthcare services thanks to the system’s recognition technologies.

As General Director of Viettel Business Solutions Corporation Nguyen Manh Ho stressed, “the electronic health book is a solution to realize the goal of each citizen having a smart healthcare assistant. Viettel is committed to working with the healthcare sector to build a complete digital healthcare ecosystem, promote digital transformation in the healthcare sector with effective solutions to serve the people, medical staff and administrators. Technology is the key for us to build a healthy and prosperous Vietnam.”

The electronic health book is regarded as the heart of the smart healthcare ecosystem. Connected with over 20 other systems and protocols to serve the healthcare sector, the application aims at providing a smart healthcare assistant for all Vietnamese people.

Translated by Tra My - Binh Duong - Ngoc Anh - Tuan Anh